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All of BVM's products are manufactured at our factory in Magnolia, Texas, USA. We sell our tools to all areas of the world. Our product line includes tools for onshore and offshore drilling. We have in recent years concentrated on expanding our line to include tools that can handle the larger sizes and heavier loads required for the deeper drilling and multiple strings originating from a single drill site. We also continue to offer the smaller and lighter tools needed for onshore drilling and reworking of wells. We pride ourselves in offering Quality tools at economical prices. We also offer the flexibility of a smaller company, able to make specialized sizes and configurations to meet our customers' special needs. Currently, we are adding new machinery and additional space to our factory in order to ensure increased production capacities.

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Relocation to Texas

January 17, 2022

 It is with great pleasure that we write to inform you that on January 17, 2022, BVM Corporation, will be relocating to an upgraded, professional, and modern facility within the beautiful city limits of Magnolia, Texas just located 25 miles northwest of Houston, Texas. This location has many strategic business advantages and is centrally located to many of our customers.


We are in the design/build phase of the new addition to the facility, and we have a tentative move completion of February 7th, 2022. Please note that our production operations will be temporarily shutting down the machining operations due to moving on January 17th, 2022, thru February 7th, 2022. During that time the assembly department will continue to be open completing orders and finalizing all work in process at our current facility in Denver. We will resume assembly operations at the new facility within those same weeks.


We are mindful of our customers’ needs and expectations throughout this process and ensure consistent communication with minimal impact to orders.


Our telephone, fax, and emails will all remain the same at this time.



BVM Corporation.

307 Business Park Drive

Magnolia, TX 77354


We would like to express our continued gratitude and sincere thanks for all the support and cooperation you have given us over the years. We look forward to a continued and prosperous relationship with our customers, suppliers, and partners in business, and wish you all the best in the coming year.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to visiting with you at our new location.

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307 Magnolia Business Park Dr. 
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Mike Smith | (General Email for sales inquiries or quotes)


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